Residential, Subdivision & High-Density Multi-Family Development,
Underground Utilities

8X On The Park Underground Utility Installation

Project Details

Location: Vancouver, BC
Client: Brenhill Developments
Category: Residential, Subdivision & High-Density Multi-Family Development, Roadworks, Underground Utilities,
Scope: J.Cote was brought in to install 196 linear metres of a 375mm sanitary sewer replacement in a high-traffic area of Downtown Vancouver, BC, for this 191-unit, 35-storey, high-density residential development. This project also included an additional 200 linear metres of an overland bypass, to prevent overflow from disrupting the site. New manholes were also installed on major intersections, requiring complex traffic, transit, and pedestrian management.
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196 LM of 375mm Sanitary Sewer Replacement,

200 LM of Overland Bypass

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Managing Vehicle, Transit, and Pedestrian Traffic

Precision Excavation Required

The J.Cote team faced many challenges that were unknown prior to breaking ground, a common occurrence when replacing aging infrastructure in urban areas. The existing sanitary main was encased in concrete, and the new sanitary main needed to be installed parallel to the existing 600mm concrete storm pipe with only 0.3m of separation. This required precision excavation with a lot of hand work within the tight spaces, ensuring there was no damage to the existing storm main.

Environmental Construction,
Indigenous Archaeological Excavation,
Underground Utilities,

Delta, BC

Boundary Bay Road Stormwater Improvements

The installation of storm sewer pipe within an Indigenous archaeologically sensitive area.