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When we’re involved in projects early in the planning stages, we’re able to help our clients accurately budget, design, and schedule our full range of construction services. We leverage our 45 years of experience and knowledge of the land across the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Thompson-Okanagan regions, to help review and plan a variety of solutions that work for your particular project.

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01 Underground Utilities
02 Commercial & Industrial Development
03 Residential, Subdivision & High-Density Multi-Family Development
04 Design-Build Infrastructure
05 Roadworks
06 Environmental Construction
07 Indigenous Archaeological Excavation
08 Railway & Transit

45 Years of Experience in Private & Public Sectors

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Underground Utilities

Whether it’s to upgrade existing utilities or connect new underground infrastructure to new development projects, we bring over 45 years of underground utility construction services. This includes the installation of water, storm, and sewer systems, as well as hydro and telecommunication infrastructure. We perform all site preparation, site servicing, erosion and sediment control, and dewatering services, and finish every project with final grading.

Commercial & Industrial Development

We partner with leading general contracting companies across the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Thompson-Okanagan regions to perform a full range of on-site and off-site servicing, on new commercial and industrial development projects. As a COR Certified partner with over 45 years of experience, we’re trusted to anticipate any challenges that may arise and execute quickly, safely, and efficiently to keep the project running on schedule.

Residential, Subdivision & High-Density Multi-Family Development

We have experience acquiring and rezoning large parcels of land, while managing the site preparation, site servicing, and construction of a wide range of residential, subdivision, and high-density developments across the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Thompson-Okanagan regions. Acting as a prime contractor on many large multi-family residential developments, we bring leadership to the project at every stage; from pre-construction and design, to securing permits and scheduling materials, to managing skilled labour and construction timelines, to project close-out and delivery.

Design-Build Infrastructure

With a deep understanding of the ground conditions throughout the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Thompson-Okanagan regions, we are an experienced design-build construction partner for any large-scale infrastructure project. Our leadership team has the experience to take a project from conception to completion, including municipal stakeholder consultation, land analysis and acquisition, design and detail budgeting, permit approvals, preliminary budgeting, construction scheduling and execution, and post-construction closeout.


From lane widening to building new road and highway infrastructure to sidewalk and parking lot construction, we are trusted to lead all roadworks projects from start to finish, having helped shape the roadways across the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Thompson-Okanagan regions over the past 45 years with clearing, excavating, grading, utility, and landscaping work. We also have experience installing culverts and bridge structures when working near waterways and environmentally sensitive areas.

Environmental Construction

With construction experience near wetlands, shoreline, watersheds, and other environmentally sensitive areas, we understand and comply with all streamside protection development permits to conserve, enhance, and restore the natural environment and ecosystem. Our environmental construction services include sediment and erosion control, culvert installation and creek diversion, and wildlife tunnel installation, in addition to soil remediation and land reclamation when working to remove contaminated soils.

Indigenous Archaeological Excavation

Having completed hundreds of earthworks projects in culturally sensitive regions across the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Thompson-Okanagan regions, we have the experience and specialized equipment required for the safe removal, screening, handling, and reclamation of Indigenous archaeological artifacts and soils. Our top priority is to avoid disturbing cultural grounds in every project we complete, exploring all design and excavation options available before tactically and respectfully unearthing sensitive artifacts that belong to the Indigenous bands we partner with. We’re familiar with the permitting process, working closely with all provincial, municipal, and Indigenous stakeholders, to find a solution that works in the best interest of all parties involved.

Railway & Transit

With recent experience in railway expansion projects for marine terminals and ports, we are available to perform subgrade excavation and drainage activities, in addition to building out the sub-ballast and top ballast layers for freight and cargo railways. And with over 45 years of civil infrastructure services across the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Thompson-Okanagan regions, we are the preferred excavation partner to complete upcoming light rail transit construction projects.

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